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High frequency reed switch products are used to switch high frequencies in a many RF applications. Some uses include computers and laptops, digital components in cellphones and phone systems. Others are used extensively in functional PCB test equipment. Examples include integrated circuit (IC) testers, digital component and asic testers, and more. We package these switches into high frequency reed relays for durability and high-density PCB mounting. Our RF reed relays can switch and carry high frequency signals from DC up to 7 GHz. Their nickel/iron switch leads have a relatively high permeability or µ (Mu) resulting in high performance.

Moreover, Reed switch relays are very linear over a large span of frequencies. In fact, they are ideal when switching low level RF loads.  Furthermore, reed relays are much smaller than electromechanical relays and comparable to semiconductor types.

Check out some of our popular RF series such as the ultraminiature CRF Reed Relay supplied in tape and reel. Also, the miniature MS Series and SIL RF Series reed relays are great options for switching 1 GHz signals. Internal shielding ensures no electromagnetic interference when closely stacking the relays.

Finally, don't see what your looking for? Reach out to our experts to assist you with your high frequency design. Send us your requirements!

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KSK-1A53 Reed Switch

The KSK-1A53 series reed switch is designed for high frequency switching with a glass length of 20.5mm and diameter of 2.8mm. This high frequency reed switch has a rated power 10 W, Switching voltage 200 VDC, Switching current 1 Amp DC.

KSK-1A54 Reed Switch

The KSK-1A54 series reed switch is a high frequency reed switch with glass length of 53.4mm and diameter of 5.4mm. This high frequency reed switch has a rated power 25 W, Switching voltage 500 VDC, Switching current 1.5 Amp DC.


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