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High insulation resistance reed relays are designed with materials and creepage distances that ensure extra low leakage currents between the coil and contact as well as across the open contact. These reed relays provide high insulation resistance up to 100 TOhm and, in some cases, even up to 1000 TOhm. This means leakage currents in the range of picoamperes and lower.

Relays are available in packages for up to 1,000 VDC switching and 3,000 VDC breakdown voltage (BH, BE and HI series). For higher voltage level of 10,000 VDC switching and 15,000 VDC breakdown voltage, the customized HM or SPL series are available.

High insulation resistance reed relays find their place in Test & Measurement, particularly in precise testers, or in automated test equipment for semiconductors.

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BH series reed relay

The BH Series is a High-Power Relay capable of switching up to 1 kVDC, while providing a breakdown voltage of 3 kVDC and higher across the open contacts.

Thanks to the integrated Electrostatic Shield and axial switch leads, the BH relay ensures High Insulation Resistance of 10 TOhm across open contacts as well as between coil and contacts, and thus very Low Leakage Current in the picoamperes range.
The outer Magnetic Shield protects the relays against a mutual interaction and therefore allows an assembly with higher density.

This variable Multi-channel Dry-switch design can be built with up to 4 switches Form A and, thanks to its features such as reliable switching behavior, long lifetime and Low Contact Resistance (ON-Resistance), it makes an ideal relay for precise testers, automated test equipment or an alternative for Mercury Relays.

HI Reed Relay

High voltage/high insulation open-frame HI Series Reed Relay with high leakage distance. High Insulation Resistance (IR) >10^14 Ω.


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