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High temperature reed sensor products typically have an expansive temperature range of-55°C to 150°C and has no negative effect on the reed sensor’s operating characteristics. They are ideal under harsh environmental conditions that typically exist in under-the-hood environments (automotive).

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MK21PR series reed senso

MK21PR Series Reed Sensor is an economical right-side cable exit sensor that is screw mounted to the application. The right-side cable exit design suits applications where space does not allow for our standard left-side cable exit MK21 sensor. The flat PVC wires exit the right side of the rectangular housing and come in various standard and custom cable lengths as well as termination options. The MK21PR sensor series is used in position, proximity, motion, level, and end limit sensing. Other options include various internal switch configurations. 

MK21P, MK21M Reed Sensor

High temperature resistant screw fastened flange mount MK21P, MK21M Series Reed Sensor in a rectangular housing with cable terminals. Used in position, level, and end limit sensing. Molded (M) version for high temperature resistance up to +150°C. Optional internal switch, cable, length, and termination. UL Approval, IP67 Rated

UL Certificate of Compliance (MKxxU *Series followed by U)


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