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Latching / Bistable (1 Form E) Reed Switch |

A latching reed switch or bistable reed switch with (Form E) contacts is magnetically biased and can exist in either the normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) state which is controlled by reversing the magnetic field. Bistable reed switches are used in latching reed sensor and latching reed relay applications calling for extremely small power requirements, particularly in battery powered devices.

KSK-1E66 Reed Switch

The KSK-1E66 is a high performance miniature reed switch featuring latching or bistable reed switch contacts. Glass length of 14.0mm and diameter of 2.2mm. This reed switch has a rated power 10 W, Switching voltage 200 VDC, Switching current 0.5 Amp DC. Most used, UL approval.

KSK-1E85 Reed Switch

The KSK-1E85 is a latching or bistable reed switch, high power reed switch, and high voltage reed switch with (Form E) contacts. Glass length of 21.0mm and diameter of 2.75mm. Rated power 50 W, Switching voltage 300 VDC, Switching current 1 Amp DC. UL approval.


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