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Latching reed relays have two bi-stable contact states which we refer to as (1 Form E). The contacts can exist in the open or closed state without drawing any coil power. The internal reed switch will have a partially magnetized permanent magnet attached to it. This magnet brings the switch contact close together but still open. Additionally, latching reed relays generally have two electromagnetic coils. The first coil is a latching coil which closes the contacts. The second coil is used for unlatching or opening the contacts. Bi-stable reed relays maintain their contacts in the last assumed position without needing to maintain coil energization. To change the state of the contacts, the magnetic field must be reversed. Reversing the magnetic field typically requires a 1.5 millisecond pulse applied across the coil.  Learn more...

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BE Reed Relay

Our most versatile general purpose BE Series Reed Relay with many contact configuration options including up to 5 form A switches. Available in latching or high IR typical 10^13 Ω. Plastic or metal housing, epoxy encapsulated.


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