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Our power transformers or toroidal line frequency transformers are available as bare toroids which can be integrated into the devices themselves or as toroids housed in enclosures with circuit breakers, fused input, plug-ins and other user-friendly options. Toroidal Wound - Where a round "donut shaped" core of continuous strip electrical grade steel has the coils wound directly on to it. The magnetic coupling achieved is extremely good, and results in a smaller high efficiency power transformer suited to applications where weight, noide, stray magnetic field and efficiency are very important.  Portable medical equipment and test equipment, audio amplifiers, CRT displays are a few products to benefit from this modern construction technique. Compliant with UL/IEC 60601 specifications, these transformers feature extremely low leakage current between primary.

FPT Line Frequency Magnetics/Toroidal

FPT Series Power Toroidal Transformers offers 44 standard models from 15VA to 500 VA. Dual 115/230V 50/60Hz rated primary and dual secondaries for series or parallel selection with class B 130°C insulation system utilized. Low radiated magnetic field. CSA and UL recognized components LR16597, E105782. Dielectric tested to UL/CSA standards. Custom sizes, ratings and terminations may be engineered for your specific application. ATC-Frost UL / CSA family recognition assures fast, trouble free approval of your equipment. Toroidal transformer designs are typically 50% lighter and much more compact than traditional EI laminated transformers. Custom toroid transformer dimensions may be varied to accommodate alternate dimensional requirements such as low profile or slim line equipment. Low stray magnetic fields compared to traditional EI laminated transformers. Low noise – toroidal construction ensures that mechanical hum” will be minimal.


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