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NdFeB Magnets


  • Rare Earth Metal
  • High energy density (small sizes possible)
  • Working Temperature up to 160°C
  • Best Opposing Field Resistance
  • Brittle


Rare earth magnets like NdFeB Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets have the highest energy density per volume and weight and also the best demagnetizations resistance.

NdFeB Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets have a very high energy density allowing them to have very small dimensions in cylindrical or rectangular shapes.  The magnet is produced by sintering and can only be processed by grinding, due to the strength and brittleness of the material. The temperature range goes from 80° up to 160 °C. Very small magnets can be produced. Disadvantages are the high raw material prices and the limited availability of special alloys.


NdFeB Rare Earth 1106a

Stock Check

Item No.DatasheetDistributorRegionQuantityCartRFQInventory Date
NDFEB 10X5X1.9MMReed-Rex LLCAmericas86 RFQ2021-11-04
NDFEB 10X5X1.9MMDigi-Key ElectronicsAmericas34,324 BUY RFQ2021-11-04
NDFEB 10X5X1.9MMHeilind ElectronicsAmericas375 BUY RFQ2021-11-04
NDFEB 10X5X1.9MMStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
NDFEB 10X5X1.9MMMouser ElectronicsAmericas2,000 BUY RFQ2021-11-28
NDFEB 10X5X1.9MMArrow ElectronicsAmericas11 BUY RFQ2021-11-28
NDFEB 10X5X1.9MMTTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas500 BUY RFQ2021-11-28
NDFEB 6X10MMReed-Rex LLCAmericas73 RFQ2021-11-04
NDFEB 6X10MMDigi-Key ElectronicsAmericas945 BUY RFQ2021-11-04
NDFEB 6X10MMHeilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-04
NDFEB 6X10MMStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
NDFEB 6X10MMMouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
NDFEB 6X10MMArrow ElectronicsAmericas15 BUY RFQ2021-11-28
NDFEB 6X10MMTTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
4003004030MASTER/ONLINEAmericas50 BUY RFQ2021-11-04
4003004030Standex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
4003004030TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
4003004031Standex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
4003004031Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
4003004031TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
4003004032MASTER/ONLINEAmericas600 BUY RFQ2021-11-04
4003004032Standex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-11-28
4003004032TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas500 BUY RFQ2021-11-28

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