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SMP-58 Photo-MOSFET Relay series

The SMP-58 Photo-MOSFET Relay series is a solid-state relay featuring switching up to 1800V AC or peak DC with low on-resistance. SMP-58 come in a very small SMD (surface mount design), or DIP (dual-in-line package) with high I/O isolation. It also features a low output capacitance of 10pF and a low off-state leakage current of 10μA (VL=1800V @25°C). Photo-MOSFET Relays also feature fast switching, no contact bounce, low noise, impervious to dirty environments, shock/vibration proof, extremely high input to output isolation, control low-level analog signals to high-level loads: (LED’s, relays, lamps, solenoids). The added benefit of stable on resistance, long life and high reliability make the SMP-58 Photo-MOSFET Relay series ideal in many applications.


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