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A reed relay module contains multiple switching relays in a single device. Standex Electronics' relay modules offer two package styles which include 8-channel and 4-channel relay versions. Our RM05-8A-SP series is an 8-pole configuration housed in a compact dual-in-line through-hole package. Furthermore the RM05-8A-SP comes equipped with  integrated drivers MAX4823 with kickback protection. These drivers eliminate the need for external activation electronics and reduce PCB space. Finally there's the 4-pole RM05-4A series low-profile surface mount design with ball-grid array. Also available in a plug-in version. Most notably the 4-pole series is a high frequency relay module capable of switching beyond 5.5 GHz. While boasting <40 ps rise times for switching fast pulses. Our relay experts can help you design an optimal solution. Send us a request.

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Ultraminiature 8-pole low profile through hole mount (THT) RM05-8A-SP Series Reed Relay module with standard dual in-line (DIL) pin-out (2mm raster) and integrated magnetic shield for high density board mounting. Equipped with an 8-channel relay driver with MAX4823 with kickback protection and parallel activation electronics. Designed to significantly reduce PCB space at 24% smaller than our RM05-8A, saves on wiring costs, and assembly costs.


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