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SmCo Magnets



  • Rare-Earth Metal
  • High energy density (small size possible)
  • Working Temperature up to 250°C
  • Best Opposing Field Resistance


Rare earth magnets like Samarium-Cobalt Magnets (SmCo) have the highest energy density per volume and weight and also the best demagnetizations resistance. Very small magnets can be produced.

Samarium-Cobalt Magnets (SmCo) are produced by sintering and can only be processed by grinding, due to the strength and brittle of the material. The temperature range goes up to + 250 °C. Disadvantages are the high raw material prices and the limited availability of special alloys.


Stock Check

Item No.DatasheetDistributorRegionQuantityCartRFQInventory Date
SMCO5 1.9X3MMReed-Rex LLCAmericas73 RFQ2021-06-25
SMCO5 1.9X3MMHeilind ElectronicsAmericas300 BUY RFQ2021-07-28
SMCO5 1.9X3MMDigi-Key ElectronicsAmericas3,132 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 1.9X3MMStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 1.9X3MMMouser ElectronicsAmericas341 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 1.9X3MMArrow ElectronicsAmericas145 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 1.9X3MMTTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas1,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 3X4MMReed-Rex LLCAmericas85 RFQ2021-06-25
SMCO5 3X4MMDigi-Key ElectronicsAmericas2,872 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 3X4MMStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 3X4MMMouser ElectronicsAmericas558 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 3X4MMArrow ElectronicsAmericas794 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 3X4MMTTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas500 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 5X4MMReed-Rex LLCAmericas90 RFQ2021-06-25
SMCO5 5X4MMHeilind ElectronicsAmericas500 BUY RFQ2021-07-28
SMCO5 5X4MMDigi-Key ElectronicsAmericas969 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 5X4MMStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 5X4MMMouser ElectronicsAmericas54 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 5X4MMArrow ElectronicsAmericas417 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
SMCO5 5X4MMTTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-29
4003004017Electro Sonic GroupAmericas290 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
4003004017MASTER/ONLINEAmericas290 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
4003004017Standex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-29
4003004017TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas1,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
4003004025Electro Sonic GroupAmericas1,454 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
4003004025MASTER/ONLINEAmericas1,454 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
4003004025Standex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-29
4003004025TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas500 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
4003004026Electro Sonic GroupAmericas312 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
4003004026MASTER/ONLINEAmericas312 BUY RFQ2021-07-29
4003004026Standex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-29
4003004026TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-29

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