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<8mm Ultraminiature Reed Switch |

Ultraminiature reed switch series manufactured by Standex Electronics are some of the smallest switches currently available in the world. One example is the KSK-1A04 series.  Measuring just 3.95mm in glass length. This reed switch is produced in Germany and offers a unique flat lead construction. Furthermore, ultraminiature reed switch products have maintained their contact ratings as they've become smaller. This is due to advancements in reed switch contact materials and construction. Additionally, ultraminiature reed switches play an integral role in two of the most critical areas for miniaturization, the electronic and semiconductor equipment testing market and medical devices. But they they are also heavily used many other markets such as test equipment, telecommunications, security, automotive, appliances, industrial, and aerospace among others.

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KOFU Reed Switch ORD213

Reed Switch ORD213 has a glass length of 7.0mm and diameter of 1.8mm. And a rated power of 1 W, switching voltage 24 VDC, and switching current 0.1 Amp DC. This ultraminiature reed switch is one of our most widely used switches.  It features a close differential between the open and closure values or what is referred to as a narrow hysteresis.  This is key in achieving a precise switching point as with small portable devices.

KOFU Reed Switch ORD311

Reed Switch ORD311 features a glass length of 7.0mm and diameter of 1.8mm. Rated power 10 W, Switching voltage 100 VDC, Switching current 0.5 Amp DC. Most used.

KSK-1A80 Reed Switch

Ultraminiature KSK-1A80 Series reed switch featuring a close differential and glass length of 7.0mm and diameter of 1.8mm. Rated power 10 W, Switching voltage 170 VDC, Switching current 0.5 Amp DC. Most used, UL approval.

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MK23-80 Surface Mount Reed Switch

Ultraminiature MK23-80 surface mount reed switch with glass length of 7mm and diameter of 1.8mm. Rated power 10 W, switching voltage 170 VDC, switching current 0.5 Amp DC. The MK23-80 surface mount reed switch is a bare glass version of our surface mount reed sensors, offering a more economic and compact design as compared to our over-molded reed sensors. Sold in Tape & Reel packing according to IEC 286/part 3 and is suitable for pick and place automation.


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