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3M Respirator Devices Use Reed Sensors to Fight COVID-19

Respirator Devices Use Reed Sensors - Artificial Lung Ventilator

Respirator Devices Use Reed Sensors – MK20 Series

Standex Electronics reed sensors help 3M medical equipment in their life-saving efforts during COVID-19. Furthermore, COVID-19 patient respiratory needs around the world are at an all-time high. So, hospitals and healthcare workers are depending on these devices to save lives. 3M respiratory devices rely on our custom MK20/1-BV51201 sensor series to work unfailingly to deliver to critical care needs.

Our MK20 series’ reed switch sensors are sealed in a cylindrical case and supplied with an interconnect cable. The MK20 series is very tiny with a diameter of 2.7mm by 7.5mm long. Moreover, this tiny sensor consumes no power in its normally passive state. MK20 sensors are ideal for position and limit sensing in medical equipment where size, performance, and power are critical.

Contact us for more information on how respirator devices use reed sensors or if you need help with a unique sensing challenge.

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