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SMD MK24 Series – One of the World’s Smallest Reed Sensors

Reed Relay application

The MK24 Series from the SMD Reed Sensor lineup by Standex Electronics is one of the smallest of its kind!

As electronic gadgets get smarter, smaller, and more sustainable, so do their components! The demand for smart, small, and power efficient designs is now on the rise more than ever.



Measuring at only 5.5 mm x 1.7mm x 2.2mm, the ultraminiature size of MK24 can conquer space limitations allowing a high-density board population. It, just like the entire lineup of SMD reed sensors, requires no external power to operate, making it especially suitable in applications with low power and space limitations.


Standex surface mount reed sensors can achieve a minimum life expectancy of 50 million operations which outlasts mechanical switches. With a unique hermetic seal and no wearing parts, it is also not affected by, or sensitive to the harsh environments.

Let MK24 be the solution to your next green mechatronic design.

Learn more about the unique switching features and applications offered by the MK24 series SMD Reed Sensor below:

MK24 Series Reed Sensor

MK24 Data Sheet

Press release

For more options, feel free to browse our entire lineup of surface mount reed sensors as well as our bare glass surface mount reed switch series.


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