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Technical Library

Examples of how various resources on how we partner with customers to solve problems and deliver innovative solutions.  Inside our technical library you’ll find hundreds of resources including product training, technical papers, videos, application examples, brochures and catalogs, global certifications, and much more.  Our product training resources cover topics such as the basic characteristics, parameters, and functionality of a reed switch, reed sensors and magnets, reed relays, and reed switch liquid level sensors

In addition to the basics we delve into more advanced topics such “Latching & Form B Reed Relays & Sensors”, how reed relays serve a major role in RF switching applications and how Standex Electronics reed relays are quickly becoming the design-in choice for attenuating RF signals, due to their excellent RF characteristics. High frequency reed relays can carry RF signals from DC up to 20 GHz , as well as fast digital pulses with skew rates less than 20 picoseconds. Coupled with a long lifetime in the billions of switching operations, these characteristics have made high frequency reed relays an increasingly important part of RF switching applications.   These are just a few examples of the vast selection of resources you’ll find in our technical library.

Marketing & Media

Enhanced flavor of the spirit and essence of our business and people, and ways to discover more around why we matter.  Check out Standex Electronics news, tradeshows and events, sign-up for our monthly newsletter, or get social with us to obtain the latest news and information on our newest products and spotlights, application examples/briefs, our wide array of capabilities, and the industries they are aligned to. Discover our success stories or “Application Alley’s” and other thought leadership pieces around how we help customers win.

Magnet Interaction

Technical information and details around how permanent magnets and reed switches interact with each other forming a sensing function. You’ll find animated examples that show how the positioning of the magnet’s north and south poles relative to the reed switch, produces different magnetic field arrays. Understanding these magnetic field arrays will give insight into how the magnet and reed switch form their sensing function.



For a guide to our technical terms, electrical characteristics and other definitions as they relate to our products: reed switches, reed sensors & magnets, fluid sensors & floats, reed relays & optocouplers, and much more.



Visit here for further information on testing, quality, and functionality of our reed switches, reed sensors & magnets, fluid sensors & floats, reed relays & optocouplers, and much more.




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