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Standex Electronics Announces WE MATTER™ Messaging and Application Alley Initiative

New campaign highlights ubiquity and importance of miniature components

Cincinnati, OH – August 21, 2013 — Standex Electronics, a global manufacturer of reed switches, sensors, reed relays and magnetics, announces its new WE MATTER™ branding and campaign. This messaging was launched to increase awareness of the powerful roles that reed switches and relays, planars, inductors, magnetic sensors, switches, and other components play in a huge breadth of applications. It will also draw attention to Standex Electronics’s engineering, design, and work in the industry.

The new campaign is composed of two main elements: WE MATTER™ and Application Alley. Application Alley shares specific examples of how Standex Electronics’s strategically partners with its customers, digs into solving challenges, and delivers high-quality solutions and products. They demonstrate how their unique approach and processes increased productivity, efficiency, functionality, and performance. Each story is drawn from a particular industry or application, such as aerospace, HVAC, automotive LED activation, test and measurement and many others. They illustrate how the company’s expertise can be leveraged to meet an array of design, quality, engineering, and a multitude of other challenges.

WE MATTER™ messaging emphasizes the important contributions that a manufacturer of components can make to the end product. Though small pieces such as reed switches or planar transformers can often seem ‘invisible’, Standex Electronics hopes that the new campaign will increase the visibility of these technologies.

“Many know about our customers, but sharing how we fuel their efforts and affect the end user provides clarity,” explained Brian Siegel, Global Marketing Director at Standex Electronics, “You don’t always see our “part” in the puzzle, but we are there. We matter.”

About Standex Electronics

Standex Electronics is a worldwide market leader in the design, development and manufacture of standard and custom electro-magnetic components, including magnetics products and reed switch-based solutions.

Our magnetic offerings include planar, Rogowski, current, and low- and high-frequency transformers and inductors. Our reed switch-based solutions include Meder, Standex and OKI brand reed switches, as well as a complete portfolio of reed relays, and a comprehensive array of fluid level, proximity, motion, water flow, HVAC condensate, hydraulic pressure differential, capacitive, conductive and inductive sensors.

We offer engineered product solutions for a broad spectrum of product applications in the automotive, medical, test and measurement, military and aerospace, as well as appliance and general industrial markets.

Standex Electronics has a commitment to absolute customer satisfaction and customer-driven innovation, with a global organization that offers sales support, engineering capabilities, and technical resources worldwide.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Standex Electronics has eight manufacturing facilities in six countries, located in the United States, Germany, China, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

For more information on Standex Electronics, please visit us on the web at

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Standex Electronics
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Standex Electronics


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