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Toroidal Power Transformers for Demanding Medical Applications from Standex Electronics

Cincinnati, OH – October 23, 2011 – Standex Electronics toroidal power transformers are designed for the demanding needs of medical applications, including protecting sensitive medical devices in patient care environments. They are available as bare toroids which can be integrated into the devices themselves, or installed in enclosures with options to suit particular requirements. Options which can be integrated into the custom designs include connector harnesses, enclosures, circuit breakers, mounting options, temperature & over-current protection, dual (120/240V) input, protective earth shield, and ultra-low μA leakage current. Standex custom toroidal power transformers are ideal for medical applications such as MRI and high definition (HD) video imaging, surgical imaging technology, as protecting sensitive medical devices in patient care environments.

Standex engineers provide advice and support throughout the process -” from inquiry through delivery. With in-house molding, rapid prototyping, and the ability to wind and assemble all core transformer types, Standex offers unparalleled design and manufacture capabilities. All component designs are verified in an industry leading environmental and test lab.

“Medical devices pose unique challenges from an electronic component standpoint, and our custom toroidal power transformers tackle those challenges” said Christian Rogiers, Director of Global Marketing for Standex Electronics. “That’s why Standex transformers are at use in demanding environments like MRIs and high definition video imaging. They are also ideal for protecting sensitive devices, hospital staff, and patients in other critical medical environments.”

About Standex Electronics

Standex Electronics is a subsidiary of Standex International Corporation, a publicly-traded diversified manufacturer of products for many markets. (NYSE-SXI). Standex Electronics is a manufacturer of custom electro-magnetic components and assemblies, including reed switches and relays, transformers and inductors, proximity and fluid-level sensors, antennas and coils, connectors, lighting products, as well as current sense and planar transformers. Standex Electronics provides custom solutions to its customers serving a variety of markets such as Military and Aerospace, Medical, General Industrial, Automotive, Major Appliance, HVAC/R, Utility Metering, Lighting, Recreational and Off Highway Vehicles, Security, Space, and Green markets, including Solar, Electric Cars, Smart Meters, etc. Standex Electronics has world-class facilities in the United States, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Canada, and China. All facilities are ISO 9001 registered for quality assurance. For more information, call +1.866.STANDEX, contact Standex Electronics, Inc., at 4538 Camberwell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209, USA,, or e-mail at

For more information on Standex Electronics, please visit us on the web at

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Standex Electronics
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Standex Electronics

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