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Product Solutions – Custom Conductive Fluid Level Sensor

Consumer, industrial and commercial equipment is becoming increasingly complex, with features and benefits that were once associated only with high-end consumer appliances. Drawing on decades of experience in a wide variety of markets and applications, Standex Electronics engineers provide designs that save space, weight and add functionality. More importantly, they are also saving labor and energy – providing companies with unique comparative advantages in a highly competitive environment.

Custom conductive fluid level sensors designed and manufactured by Standex Electronics are at use in a wide range of applications – including commercial, industrial and consumer appliances. They are used to automatically dispense laundry and dish detergents, dispense syrups in commercial food service equipment, adjust the flow of deionized water, and more. In addition to simplifying the use by end-customers, this technology also helps to eliminate waste, save labor and reduce pollution.

By thinking beyond the initial requirements, our design engineers have already solved many issues like false positives which result from material build up on conductive sensor elements. We offer simple technologies that are driven via external electronics – to those which are more complex and include internal electronics to eliminate electrolysis. Under-standing the design parameters includes fully understanding the characteristics of the conductive fluid used. We have experience with minimal particulates to substantial amounts – corrosive materials, viscous products, and more. No matter what your requirements, our engineering team is a trusted resource – providing valuable input at each step of the process.

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