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Product Solutions – Custom Electronic Components for a Shrinking World

Global Reach with a Local Touch

As consumer, medical and industrial products get smaller – the components within them must be reduced in size as well. Standex Electronics is leading the way by reducing the footprint of custom electronics components – while increasing their capabilities. Our GR150 magnetic reed switch, for example, is the smallest in the world – yet retains very tight performance characteristics.

Our engineers are trusted resources because we provide ideas, engineering expertise and assistance throughout the entire process. This industry leading engineering is augmented with in-house molding, stamping, winding, termination and assembly. We back up these world class designs in an unparalleled test lab. We understand that in addition to looking good on paper, custom components must work in the field.

In addition to manufacturing sophisticated transformers, power supplies, reed switches, and custom components – we also manufacture them around the world to better serve the supply chain requirements of customers worldwide. Our global footprint means that we can design and prove our products in high-cost facilities and then manufacture them worldwide to simplify shipping, logistics and costs. All while meeting the required quality standards – including UL, CSA, ETL, and more.

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