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Product Solutions – Custom Inductive Sensor – Automotive

Standex Electronics recently designed and built an innovative inductive proximity sensor for an automotive industry customer. But more than merely supply components, we designed a circuit – and thus helped to solve their problem. Our solution not only saves the company money, but it makes the vehicle run smoother while capturing the exhaust – which makes the air cleaner for all of us.

Emissions monitoring is a big deal in the automotive industry. And this particular project had several complications that made the project all the more challenging. Namely, for the solution to be considered, it needed to:

  1. Physically fit within very tight space limitations,
  2. Tie in to on-board computer as an added “check engine” diagnostic feature,
  3. Be able to survive the harsh under-hood conditions present
  4. Be a stand-alone or “bolt on” package.
  5. If, and only if, all of these conditions were met, would the customer consider the proposed solution, and move forward with testing and evaluation.
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