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High Voltage Reed Relays

High Voltage Reed Relays for Switching up to 10,000VDC

Standex Electronics features a full line of high voltage reed relays. Also available in the line-up are high power configurations. Both variations are available in PCB mount or free-standing applications. These HV reed relays are designed to switch high voltages up to 10,000 VDC. Also, these relays can withstand even higher breakdown voltages of up to 15,000 VDC. Moreover, these high voltages are achieved while also ensuring low leakage currents. Our high voltage series are the H series, HE series, and HM series.

If you’re looking for a smaller footprint. We also offer a few series for switching up to 1,000 VDC. Our KT series, LI series, BE series, and SHV series are all great options.

The KT series is the most versatile! First, its designed in an 8.7mm low profile rugged package. Second, this series is available in both a surface mount and through hole lead design. Third, the KT relay comes packaged in tape and reel for quick assembly. And finally, the KT is certified to AEC-Q200. Therefore, it is highly suitable in Automotive, battery management systems, and electric vehicles. Also, solar inverters, medical devices, and test equipment.

Another compact relay series featured in our high voltage reed relay line-up is the SHV series. Our SHV series is a single in-line package that can be assembled in a very compact switching matrix. It measures only 24.13mm in length by 6.22mm wide and 8.13mm high. This instrument grade series is an excellent choice in Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

Learn more about the other high voltage relay series in the below flyer. In this flyer you will see a comparison of each HV relay series and their operating characteristics, as well as markets, and mechanical specifications. Contact our engineers to assist you with your high voltage relay application. 

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