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Product Solutions – Power Meter Market

The ever-increasing demand for electric power not only requires more generating capacity but more efficient use of the electricity that is available for consumers today. To accomplish this goal utility companies are turning to ‘smart meters’ which can measure, monitor, collect and analyze how electricity is being used in the home or the industrial workspace. Many Smart Meters offer additional capabilities like remote connect/disconnect of power or tamper detection circuitry.

Standex Electronics is supplying state of the art technology to help achieve these Smart Metering goals. Applications include reed switch based sensors that indirectly detect whether the remote connect/ disconnect system has functioned properly. A reed switch sensor is typically part of a feedback loop that sends a signal to the Utility’s control center confirming that the meter has executed its commands correctly. There is no room for error when electricity is involved.

Reed switch based sensors are used in anti-tamper circuitry. This feature is often request-ed by Utilities on both Smart Meter and traditional meter applications. Since most meters are installed in accessible locations an anti-tamper feature can be a critical part of a robust power network.

Standex Electronics is also a world leader in designing and manufacturing custom current sense transformers, inductors, and chokes for monitoring power. Future applications include measuring power consumption of home electronics, home appliances, and other pieces of equipment as part of a power management system. The more we understand how we use power, the more intelligent we can be in using it most efficiently.

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