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Standex Electronics India – A Prominent Partner for Custom Sensors

Standex Electronics India inside the manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu

“A global appliance manufacturer, with a subsidiary in India, has selected Standex Electronics India (SEI) as a partner of choice for their customized reed sensor application.”

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Why Partner with Standex Electronics?
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Diverse Sensor Applications
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Standex Electronics is committed to investing in continued growth and innovation. A pledge that is evident by the expansion into Tamil Nadu, India in 2018. Standex Electronics India Pvt Ltd (SEI) is a state-of-the-art 26,000 square foot sensor manufacturing facility. India operates in alignment with Standex Electronics’ highest standards of business excellence.

Since its inception, Standex Electronics India PVT Ltd (SEI) has been at the forefront of producing high-quality reed and hall sensors meeting ISO 9001:2015 standards. So much so that a global appliance manufacturer, with a subsidiary in India, has selected Standex Electronics as a partner of choice for their customized reed sensor application.

Read on to explore why Standex India was chosen as a prominent partner. 

Standex Electronics India PVT Ltd

Standex Electronics India Pvt Ltd employees in the lobby of the new facility.

Why Partner with Standex Electronics?

A global appliance manufacturer chose Standex Electronics India (SEI) as a preferred partner by for their customized reed sensor application due to several compelling reasons.

  • First, as the world’s largest manufacturer of reed technology, Standex offers an extensive portfolio of reed and hall sensors. These magnetic sensors are essential components in a wide range of applications.
  • Second, the India location, coupled with a global footprint, ensures localized support as well as international reach. This is critical for companies operating on a global scale.
  • Third, Standex Electronics is recognized for its proven reliability and continuous innovation, which are key considerations for any company looking for a long-term partnership.
  • Fourth, their demonstrated manufacturing excellence and broad customer base across various markets, including appliances and automotive, reflect their ability to meet diverse and complex requirements.
  • Lastly, their unwavering commitment to the highest standards of business excellence aligns with the values of companies that prioritize quality and integrity in their operations and products.

“At Standex, we stand behind a true partnership through value-added engineering. We don’t just sell you what you ask for. We’re not just a catalog to buy from. We forge a true collaboration with you to find the right solution for your project.”

Read on to learn more about our sensor manufacturing in India.

Make in India

Standex Electronics India (SEI) is committed to develop, manufacture, and assemble products within India; part of the “Make in India” initiative. SEI is a best-in-class sensor manufacturing and design site equipped with in-house engineering, testing, and tool shop design capabilities.

Standex specializes in the development and innovation of reed and hall sensor technologies. Our standard portfolio includes hundreds of sizes, shapes, and functionality. But customized sensors are our specialty; we’ll work with you in India to design custom sensor packaging from molding and shaping it to full customization.

Standex Electronics India customized sensors

Standex Electronics India customized reed and hall sensor capabilities

Our company’s philosophy is “Partner, Solve, Deliver®,” because we collaborate directly with our customers to understand your application’s exact needs. Help to solve your complex design challenges and deliver the ultimate custom solution. Along the way, we’re discovering methods to improve cost and efficiency – all part of our customer-driven-innovation approach.

Diverse Sensor Applications

Standex Electronics continues to expand the possibilities of reed and hall sensor applications, from everyday household appliances to automotive and advanced medical equipment. All industries use magnetic switches. They’re tucked into sensing components for agriculture, automotive, utilities, consumer electronics, and so much more. Below are only a few examples of our diverse sensor applications.

Application Examples

  • Gear tooth sensor
  • Angle position sensor
  • Reed proximity sensor
  • Hall proximity sensor
  • Fluid level sensor
  • Reed float sensor
  • Hall speed sensor
  • Reed switches
  • Molded reed switch
  • Parking sensor to detect unwanted wheel rolling and engagement of safety brake.
  • Detecting the rotation and speed of the threshing function.
  • Detects if the cab door is open.
  • Detect rotation of linkages and brackets.
  • Detects if lids, compartments, or doors are open.
  • Brake pedal actuation and break by wire analog output.
  • Single point low fluid level sensor with grommet for easy press fit install into blow molded bottles.
  • Alerts when the coolant level is at a critical low point, or multiple points as needed.
  • Operate on/off lights, compartment openings, and alarm systems.
  • Measure the speed of mixers and other laboratory equipment.
  • Tamper resistant indication systems.


Standex Electronics India (SEI) has been selected as a preferred partner for a global appliance manufacturer’s reed sensor needs. Standex’s vast reed technology portfolio, strategic location in India with a global reach, reputation for reliability and innovation, manufacturing excellence, and commitment to business integrity make them an ideal partner. They emphasize a collaborative approach to engineering solutions, moving beyond mere transactions to forge meaningful partnerships.

Since many switching and sensing requirements are unique, working with customers on their special applications is expected. You can count on us to meet manufacturing timelines—and in your preferred region.

If you’re in the Tamil Nadu, India neighborhood, we welcome clients for on-site tours and meetings. Or simply send us your requirements!

Because at Standex, “custom is standard.”

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