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Announcement – Standex Electronics Celebrates 50 Years in Business




Greetings. We are excited to share that fifty years ago near this time, Standex Electronics was formed!

Standex International had various companies they built upon throughout their founding around 1950, and mid-late 1959 is when SXI took ground with what eventually became our Electronics division. They planted roots for where we are now by acquiring National Transistor (with the exception of the UK switch facility), then the Paul Smith company. All this culminated to formally create Standex Electronics in 1969. Over the decades, additional businesses were purchased focused on reed switch production and manufacturing, electromagnetic components, and magnetics capabilities. This continued between the 60’s – 90’s with entities such as Magnetico, BG Labs, ATC Frost, and others.

A shift was made in 2012 once SXI invested in acquiring the Meder business, not only expanding product lines to be more diverse for applications with reed switches, sensors, relays and fluid level – but the global footprint in Europe and Asia. Most recently, Planar Quality Corporation, Northlake Engineering, Standex Electronics Japan (SEJ, formerly OKI Sensor Device), and Agile Magnetics were acquired, bringing us to nearly $204M USD in revenue to date, a few thousand employees, and enhanced capabilities with our engineering, design, labs, and testing.

New facilities were built in Mexico, Ohio headquarters, and Shanghai. These capital investments along with adding equipment automation has allowed the Standex Electronics business to be a shining star in the SXI portfolio of companies. Over time, we have also thoughtfully grown our global presence with plants & locations (Mexico, America, Germany, United Kingdom, Shanghai, Kofu, and ground-up new operations in India), employee programs, HR & benefits, scholarships, community initiatives, product lines, marketing, and capabilities for strategic growth.

None of this happened without standing on the shoulders of the hard work, dedication, and care of employees like yourself. So during our fiscal year 2020 (occurring also during the 2019 traditional year), we not only celebrate being in business for 50 years, but you – the teams and employees who have enabled us to get to this point. We do not have signs of slowing down, and look forward to continuing to build upon the progress made to date.

Cheers to turning fifty, and all the best to the next 50 plus years!

Thank you,
Standex Electronics Leadership Team

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