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Our product offerings are as diverse as the applications we serve through reed sensors and switches, magnetics, and fluid level sensors. With customer focused engineering solutions, Standex Electronics has the capability to build custom components that meet the most stringent of requirements. We can also provide standard high-volume type components.

We utilize a partner, solve, and deliver® approach to collaborate with customers in providing answers for the toughest of problems. Through our global engineering expertise, operational abilities, and sales engagement process – our advantages reside in how we strive to innovate through each area of engagement, and drive relationships.

The difference

“Partner, Solve, and Deliver®” for a Customer First approach
1. Strategically partner with our customer
2. Confront a challenge to solve for the customer
3. Deliver reliable high-quality solutions and products

The people on our teams operate with this philosophy in mind. To matter in ways that are essential to our world, we utilize manufacturing leadership and craftsmanship through our people and capabilities to bring alive Standex’s customer-driven mission.

This partner, solve, deliver® was generated to simplify and summarize how we serve many different markets through various applications. When you open a door, flip a switch, measure fluid level, track an object, adjust a thermostat, fly a plane, drive a car, captain a boat, wash your clothes, get a medical test, or thousands of other activities – we are there.

“Many know about our customers, but sharing how we fuel their efforts and effect the end user provides clarity. You don’t always see our “part” in the puzzle, but we are there. We partner, solve, and deliver.” ~ Brian Siegel, Global Director of Marketing

We are fueling the processes that we glance over or often take for granted daily. Whether it’s a solar panel, helping guide a satellite, bolstering the safety of a car ride, better protecting a soldier in the field, or taking a recreational drive on a snowmobile or jet-ski – our ability to catalyze the experience around what seem to be simple tasks, through our innovative customer-driven technology is present.

You see these items, but you don’t always see our product. We are not just selling components. We are providing quality products and services that deliver safety, precision, and functionality when and where it matters across the globe millions of times a day.

All of this matters because our parts allow for important measuring, testing, and sensing capabilities to our customer’s products. Our customer’s products go on to influence people’s daily quality of life and well-being. Safety, security, lighting, a trip in the sky, starting a car, powering your home or even the entire grid – we bring what seems basic, alive.

Contact us for how we can solve problems for your engineering and component needs, today!

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