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Reed Switches: The Ultimate Utility Player

Simple magnet interaction is the driving force behind the reed switch, a component designed to improve operation in a wide variety of low power devices. The prominence and complexity of reed switches have seen a high level of growth since the introduction of this technology in the 1930s. Today, switches can be customized for a high level of performance in an ultra-miniature design.

Dependable switches, especially those with hermetic glass-to-metal sealing, can exist and operate in almost any environment. Reed switches can survive extreme temperature, moisture and workloads to deliver over the course of billions of operations. This is a serious selling point in comparison to the environmentally limited mechanical and semiconductor switches.

Because reed switches feature unique durability and longevity, reed relays and sensors both utilize these components at the heart of their switching mechanism. An ever-expanding array of applications, and new reed relay, reed sensor and fluid level designs, are driving a greater need for reed switches across several industries. Here is a sampling of applications served by Standex reed switches:

Alternative Energy

From high voltage relays in solar panels to speed sensors on wind turbines, Standex reed switches are integral to alternative energy arrays.


Manufacturers of refrigerators, ranges, microwaves and washers and dryers rely on the power transfer, fluid level monitoring and other smart sensing capabilities offered by reed switch-dependent technologies.


Reed switches are used in conjunction with sensors to effectively monitor fluids in passenger vehicles, as well as cargo and position in freight vehicles.


An industrial facility requires electronic management of everything from its day-to-day operation and security to its HVAC and plumbing. Many of these functions are served by relays and sensors relying on Standex reed switches.

Utility & Metering

Measuring water flow, gas and electricity is precise when the reed switch at the center of the process is protected from its environment.

Standex services each of these applications and more as the world’s largest manufacturer of reed switches. With greater than 50% market share, Standex offers the most comprehensive listing of reed switches available.

Because Standex reed switches are hermetically sealed, they are impervious to almost all environments. This opens up a vast number of applications where they are the only technology capable of meeting specific requirements, including those of mission critical operations.

Due to their exemplary performance, new uses for reed switches continue to arise at a quickening pace. The Standex team is standing by to fill the ever-changing needs of customers across industries, and across the world, through our Partner-Solve-Deliver approach. Get in touch with our team at to learn more about our carefully engineered solutions.

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