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We’ll Miss You in Munich – What’s New from Standex Electronics


NEWSLETTER | November 2020

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Standex Electronics is Here to Serve You with Innovative Solutions

Though Standex Electronics will not be participating in electronica Germany this year, we are excited to provide an update on the products we would have shown at the 2020 event. See how we continue to improve our offering in sensors, relays, level sensors, switches and magnetics.


Surface Mounted Magnetically Activated Sensors for Ultraminiature and Battery Driven Applications

Standex Electronics has added the MK31 Series to its SMD Reed Sensor lineup. As portable electronic devices, handhelds and even wearables continue to get smaller, so does the requisite size of electronic components. Thus, both smarter and more power efficient designs, like those achieved by MK31, are also on the rise. MK24 Series Reed Sensors provide for the ability of On/Off control switch (Wake up function), proximity, motion, position detection in a broad range of applications including medical, security, industrial processes, transportation equipment, commercial and industrial buildings and even within our own homes.


Miniature High Voltage Reed Relays for Electric Vehicles and Solar Power

Standex High Voltage Reed Relays provide superior switching voltage, up to 1500V, isolation and insulation resistance. These components, including the KT Series and the soon-to-be-introduced MHV, offer optimum performance in isolation measurement and control for alternative energy grids and electric vehicles.


LS05 Series Liquid Level Sensors

Versatile stainless steel LS05 Series Liquid Level Sensors serve single, multi and continuous level control functions in automotive, medical, appliance and industrial applications. These components are capable of high operating temperatures up to 200°C (SS) and pressure resistance up to 12 bar.


New 14mm ORD624 Reed Switches

Standex Electronics is developing a new miniature Reed Switch series similar to ORD324. This new series, ORD624, uses ruthenium instead of rhodium, and it provides longer life expectancy, stable contact resistance, switching voltage up to 200 VDC and switching current up to 0.5 Amp DC. ORD624 is suitable for a wide array of market segments, including automotive, household appliance and security.

MOSFET Datasheet

P900 and P560 Planar Transformers

Alternative energy, automotive and industrial applications rely on Planar Transformers from Standex Electronics. Specifically, P900 and P560 are useful in generating wind and photovoltaic energy, and they can excel in industrial welding. Their space savings, high efficiency and low leakage inductance put planar options from Standex ahead of the competition.

SHV Reed Relay

Three Brands, One Global Leader in Reed Switches

As a global leader in reliable high-quality reed-switch-based solutions, we are built on industry-recognized brands across the world: KOFU manufactured in Japan, MEDER in Germany and KENT in the United Kingdom. KOFU is heavily into high-reliability applications, like brake sensors, where safety-critical switches are needed. MEDER produces small reed switches with a flat blade design for 4 and 10mm applications where customers are looking to mount space-critical switches on circuit boards. Our KENT brand produces general purpose switches through an automated production process.

Standex Electronics global footprint is reflected in multiple manufacturable locations for Reed Switches, Reed Relays, Reed Sensors and Magnetics around the globe.

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