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B12450 系列 磁铁浮子


B12450 系列浮子适用于瓶罐内安装,液位比重操作最小0.79。 兼容于液位传感器R11774, R12180.


长度 毫米(英寸)17.5 (0.688)
宽度 毫米(英寸)13.4 (0.527)
Height mm (inches)24.9 (0.980)





B12450Standex FactoryAmericas0 请求询价2024-04-18


Sorry, but this part is not found in our part number listing


按锁式集成连接头安装设计是吹塑或注塑罐的理想之选。 浮子可单独出售。

按锁式集成连接头安装设计是吹塑或注塑罐的理想之选。 浮子可单独出售。

MS06/1-PP, MS06/2-PP, MS06/5-PP, MS06/6-PP环形驱动磁铁(中心的)系列,由尼龙制成,具有很高的强度重量比,使他们的冲击和耐磨性能够承受5 bar 的压力(73 PSI或0.5MPa)。这浮子没有安装孔,因此驱动运动的浮子需要在储液罐内使用的导管。浮子是FDA批准的,特别适用于食品和饮料中的应用。驱动磁体是完全包含在浮子内的,因此不管什么液体它都被保护着。浮子适用于那些时常需要补充的可移动储备罐,比如咖啡机或其它饮料设备;浮子是泡沫材料的。所有的干簧管传感器系列兼容。



Standex Electronics Company Video_斯丹麦德公司介绍

Standex Electronics is a worldwide market leader in the design, development and manufacture of standard and custom electro-magnetic components, including magnetics products and reed switch-based solutions.

In this video we discuss our global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities and how WE MATTER™ by fueling the processes that we often take for granted every day. Through our diverse in-house capabilities and strong engineering designs we PARTNER with our customers to SOLVE their unique challenges, and DELIVER custom high-performing solutions...

Standex Electronics | Values

Standex Electronics new company video shares our global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, and how “we matter” through our partner, solve, and deliver approach.

Standex Electronics dynamic engineering and diverse product line of custom and standard components deliver reliable high-quality solutions to customers across broad markets and applications. Our robust product offerings include Reed Switches, Relays, and Sensors, Planar Transformers and Inductors, and Fluid Level Sensors that provide solutions for the Automotive, HVAC, Alternative Energy, Lighting/LED, Appliance, Mil-Aero, Medical, and many others...

Fluid Level Sensors for Automotive & Transportation

Standex Electronics solved an automotive customer's problem and delivered a custom, fast design and quick turn molded liquid level sensor solution that fit the exacting needs for space and performance, while eliminating any potential for a battery coolant leak.

By integrating a float inside the tank and placing a reed sensor on the outside that can sense through the plastic wall, we were able to provide a fluid level sensor that didn't compromise the coolant tank's pressurized seal.

Fluid level sensors can be found in automotive applications from washer bottle fluid to engine coolant sensor applications. "The reed switch sensor technology works well."

Standex Electronics is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of standard and custom Reed Sensors and standard sensors.

Reed Switches for Smart Home Automation Systems

Reed Switches work well with smart home automation systems because they draw no power compared to other magnetic sensing elements. They can be married to a wireless or Bluetooth technology and placed in remote battery powered door sensors or window sensors, or anything where you’re looking for movement or proximity. They’re a very cost-effective and robust component suitable for the home environment, requiring fewer connections resulting in longer battery life.

In today’s homes and also commercial properties, there’s an increased necessity for control to improve efficiency and productivity. And with that control, you have different products that measure temperature, water levels, security, and locks, so within those products reed switches play a major role in making them “smart”.

Standex Electronics is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of standard and custom Reed Switches.

Product Training Module – Magnet Technology & Their Uses

Welcome to Standex Electronics where we will be exploring what magnets are and how they are used in the electronic industry. We will define the key terms relating to magnets and we will explore what magnets are, what they do, and how they are used.

Product Training Module – Liquid Level Sensing Technology

Welcome to Standex Electronics' presentation on the Liquid level sensing technology. We will present and define the liquid level sensing technology. We will also present the key functions and define all critical terms. Along with this we will investigate the various package configurations and review the various expanding applications.

Product Training Module – Automotive Liquid Level Sensing

Welcome to Standex Electronics Electronic's presentation on the exciting dramatic increase in automotive applications using hermetically sealed reed sensors. They are having a significant effect on automotive safety and adding to the overall vehicle intelligence. We will present the reed sensor's technology, how they 'tie into' the applications, and show how they solve the application's problem. We will also present many of the applications and go into detail on some of them.

干簧开关的原理 (CN)

磁簧管、磁簧继电器及磁簧开关是我们最重要的产品。这三种产品系列有一个简单的共通性,就是磁簧管是这些产品的核心组件。磁簧管是以磁场来驱动操作的组件,两片端点处重迭的可磁化的簧片、密封于一玻璃管中,两簧片分隔的距离仅约几个微米,玻璃管中装填有高纯度的惰性气体,在尚未操作时,两片簧片并未接触、外加的磁场使两片簧片端点位置附近产生不同的极性, 结果两片不同极性的簧片将互相吸引并闭合...

Standex -Meder社スイッチ生産工程 (JP)

リードスイッチを開発して設計することはとても難しい作業です. それで Thuringiaに位置している本社の工場はこの分野で最初に最新生産設備を取り揃えて超精密度を要する多様なリードスイッチを生産しています. その大きさは非常に小さくて薄いコーティング層で成り立っていて, 細心な工程段階を通さなければなりません. このような高度の精密度及び技術を持った生産環境で競争力がある価格と優秀な品質の製品たちが誕生することになるのです...

Reed Switch Technology

Standex Electronics expert discusses reed switch technology and why reed switches play such an important role in many applications.

リードスイッチの構造及び原理 (JP)

リードスイッチ、リードリレー及びリードセンサーは弊社の基本的に大事な製品ラインとしてこの3種類の製品ラインではリードスイッチという共同的な核心素子が入ってあります。リードスイッチは磁石による磁場の原理で駆動されるのに ,この原理は1940 年代初アメリカのベル研究所によって発明されました. 作動原理はとても簡単です。,二つの端に強い磁性体の性格を持った金属リード素子を約何マイクロメーターのとても微細な間隔で重なるようにした後ガラス管に入れて密封させます. そしてガラス管の内部には不活性ガスが満たされます。この時に二つのリード素子はお互いに離れてる状態だったが外部から磁石による磁場が形成になりながら極と極が発生して両極性を持った二つのリード素子はお互いに引き寄せて結合するようになります

3D Magnetic Mapping for Sensor Applications

Standex Electronics's technical expert describes their 3D Magnetic Mapping capabilities used in reed sensor applications

Reed Switch SMD Sensor & Magnet Actuation in 3-D

A Reed Switch Sensor on a surface mount PCB assembly shown in 3-D with actuating magnet. When viewed in three dimensions, the magnetic flux lines emanating from the magnet look like a beer barrel keg; and also in three dimensions, with the magnet parallel to the reed switch, the center magnetic lobe array looks like a donut and the two outside lobes look more like a boxer's punching bag -- the kind hung from the ceiling. Essentially the fields from the magnet and the fields for the lobes are symmetrical when viewed in three dimensions. As seen in two dimensions, when the magnet is brought into one of the lobes the reed switch contacts will close. Now, as seen in three dimensions the magnet can be brought into the lobes in any spherical direction for contact closure to occur. Here the magnet is moved into the sphere of influence of the lobes of the reed switch showing the closure and opening when the magnet enters the lobes and passes through them, The change in lighting signifies the closing and opening of the reed switch contacts.

Standex Electronics at AHR Expo 2013

Alex Vinnage talks about what attendees can expect from Standex Electronics at the 2013 AHR Expo.

리드스위치 구조 및 원리 (KR)

리드 스위치 리드 릴레이 및 리드센서는 본사의 가장 기본적인 중요한 제품군으로 이루어져 있으며, 이 세 가지 제품군에는 리드 스위치 라는 공통적인 핵심소자가 들어갑니다. 리드 스위치 는 자석에 의한 자기장의 원리로 구동되는데 ,이 원리는1940 년대 초 미국벨 연구소에 의해서 발명 되었습니다. 작동원리는 아주 간단하여 ,두 개의 끝단에 강한 자성체의 성격을 가진 금속 리드 소자를 약 몇 마이크로미터의 아주 미세한 간격으로 겹쳐지게 한 후 유리관에 넣고 밀봉시킵니다. 그리고 유리관 내부에는 불활성 가스가 채워집니다 이때에 두 개의 리드소자는 서로 떨어져 있는 상태였으나 외부로부터 자석에 인한 자기장이 형성이 되면서 극과 극이 발생하여 양극성을 가진 두 개의 리드 소자는 서로 끌어당겨 결합하게 됩니다.

메더스위치 생산 제조공정 (KR)

리드 스위치를 개발하고 설계한다는 것은 매우 어려운 작업입니다. 그래서 Thuringia에 위치하고 있는 본사의 공장은 이 분야에서 가장 먼저 최신생산설비를 갖추어 초 정밀도를 요하는 다양한 리드 스위치들을 생산하고 있습니다. 그 크기는 매우 작고 얇은 코팅층으로 이루어져 있어, 세심한 공정단계를 거쳐야 합니다. 이러한 고도의 정밀도 및 기술을 가진 생산 환경에서 비로소 경쟁력 있는 가격과 우수한 품질의 제품들이 탄생하게 되는 것입니다.


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